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Hearing Tests
in Falmouth, ME

Hearing loss affects more than just your ability to hear – it affects your quality of life. At Southern Maine Hearing, we stress the importance of an accurate and timely diagnostic hearing test. A hearing test will assess how well you can hear certain tones and frequencies at various volumes. During your appointment, we will perform a series of tests, including:
Man displaying hearing aid options

Hearing Aid Selection

After we’ve recorded the results of your hearing test on your audiogram, then we will go over some different types of hearing aids that will help you. To determine what will be the best device for you, we will look at your degree of hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your budget. Based on these factors we will help you choose a hearing aid that is the best match for you.
Doctor assisting patient fitting their hearing aids

Hearing Aid Fittings

We will expertly fit your new hearing aids to the exact shape of your ears. This will ensure they sit comfortably and securely. We will also program your hearing aids based on your unique hearing prescription. We want to ensure your hearing aids are providing you with the proper amplification to hear better.

Man repairing a hearing aid

Hearing Aid Repairs

You rely on your hearing aids to provide you with better hearing and communication. If something isn’t working quite right with your hearing aids, bring them in for a maintenance check. Our hearing specialists are experts in hearing technology and can perform minor repairs in office. If something more comprehensive is wrong with your hearing aids we can send them to the manufacturer for you.

We also provide hearing aid cleanings. It’s important to have your hearing aids professionally cleaned on a regular basis. We recommend bringing them in every 6 months to ensure they are performing their best.

Woman suffering from tinnitus

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus, commonly known as “ringing in the ears,” is the perception of sound when no external noise is present. Over 50 million Americans experience tinnitus, and for some, their tinnitus is so severe it affects their quality of life. The symptoms of tinnitus include hearing a buzzing, humming, ringing, or whistling sound in the head or ears. Tinnitus can come and go or it can be constant.

At Southern Maine Hearing, we can verify whether or not you have tinnitus during your hearing evaluation. Research shows that 85% of hearing aid users experience some relief of tinnitus.

Custom Hearing Protection

Did you know that loud noise exposure is one of the most common causes of hearing loss in people of all ages? Your ears are sensitive to sound, so it’s important to protect them whenever the noise level exceeds 85 decibels.

At our hearing clinic, we carry the following custom earplugs and earmolds:

  • Swim Plugs
  • Musician Plugs
  • Noise Plugs
  • Custom hearing devices

Our hearing specialists will select the most appropriate form of hearing protection based on your individual needs.

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We understand it can be difficult to come into the office if you live far away or don’t have access to reliable transportation. That’s why we offer telehealth visits! Whether you need a hearing screening, help troubleshooting your hearing aids, or you just have a question, we can meet with you virtually. We also do our best to visit assisted living facilities and provide hearing tests and hearing aid services in the area. If you can’t make it into our office, contact us today.

Woman paying her bills

Hearing Aid Financing

We understand hearing aids can be an investment, that’s why we offer Care Credit. When you purchase hearing aids from Southern Maine Hearing, you’ll receive more than just a device. Ask us about our financing options during your appointment.

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