Commonly asked questions about hearing aids and hearing health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we carry invisible-in-the canal hearing aids at our practice. These are some of the smallest hearing aids available and sit discreetly inside your ear canal. If you are concerned about your hearing aids showing, we carry small devices that no one will even be able to notice. Contact our office to learn more about the small hearing aids we carry.

Hearing aid prices vary depending on the level of technology you choose. We carry hearing aids at all price points and will work with you to find a device within your budget. To determine what kind of hearing aid is best for you, you should first schedule a hearing exam.
To turn off your hearing aid, you need to open the battery drawer completely. To preserve your battery, make sure your hearing aid is switched off when you are not wearing it.
Although hearing aids are a great tool for managing hearing loss, they won’t cure it. Unfortunately, hearing loss is irreversible. Nothing will restore your hearing back to what it was before hearing loss. However, hearing aids will significantly help you hear better in noisy environments and will preserve your speech comprehension.

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are designed to help give hearing aid wearers extra assistance in complex listening environments. At Southern Maine Hearing, we carry a variety of ALDs to help you get the most out of your hearing aids. We carry TV adapters, captioned telephones, and Bluetooth connective devices.

Taking care of your hearing aids will ensure you get the most of your devices. You should clean your hearing aids every time you take them out of your ears by wiping them down with a dry cloth. When you are not wearing your devices, be sure to store them in a secure, safe, and dry place away from any small children or pets. In addition, you should bring your hearing aids in every six months for a professional cleaning. When you purchase hearing aids from our hearing center, you’ll receive ongoing care and support to keep you hearing your best.

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